Many of us have doubts about the accuracy of our 

Bible and why we should trust that it is actually God’s word.

With these common doubts in mind,

we invite you to join us to hear live interviews each Sunday night with an international team of Bible experts and learn how we got our Bibles.


Videos recorded in 2021

Seminar Schedule

What is the Bible? | Robert Yarbrough

Did the Bible exist before it was written? | David Wenham

Who wrote the Old Testament? | Aaron W. White & Scott Redd

Who wrote the New Testament? | Stanley Porter

Who put the Bible together? Pete Gurry & John Meade

Why are there so many translations? | Paul R. House

What were the early translations of the Bible? | Mark Strauss

Are we still translating the Bible? | Don Grigorenko

Contributor Biographies

Robert Yarbrough
David Wenham
Aaron W. White
Scott Redd
Stanley E. Porter
Peter Gurry
John Meade
Paul R. House
Mark Strauss
Don Grigorenko

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