Exploring the Bible

One way we hope to share God's Word in 2020 is a year-long sermon series called Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids by David Murray.

(Note:  Not just for kids!)

Why Use This Book?

  • We can all study the Bible together as a congregation.
  • We learn the storyline of the Bible
  • We come equipped each week to hear a sermon on the same passages we have already read and studied during the past week.
  • Read about one person's experience with this book.


Devotions Simplified!

  • ETB simply asks you to read about 3-5 verses each day (Mon-Sat).
  • ETB asks one simple question about the verses.
  • ETB encourages you to pray about one thing together each week.
  • ETB gives a "snapshot" verse to memorize or concentrate on over the week.
  • ETB gives you a Sabbath--that is, your task on Sunday is to listen to the sermon and take notes.


The Rules

  • You aren't allowed to feel guilty for missing a day.  We will all miss a day.  Just pick up on the next day. Don't try to "make up days."
  • You can't feel "behind" if you join us midstream--say February, July, or September.
  • The devotional was made for you, not you for the devotional.  That  means enjoy yourself and the exploration!
  • Pick a regular time during the day to do your devotional.  Pastor Aaron 's family does their over breakfast--it is very hectic.  Still, Jesus never said to study your Bible with no noise, distractions, or yelling!